Welcome to our webpage about British Shorthair cats.

Our breeding station is focused exclusively on the breeding of British silvery tabby cats. Breeding quality silvery tabby is difficult. It aims on breading cats with the most significant pattern and with a sufficiently colored undercoat. The stocky body adequate to standards of British cats is also desiarable. As stated in Esther Verhoef's book - the British shorthair cats have the exclusive right to their appearance. hence, breeding such a cats means that you have to try to improve the race - and not just a simple reproduction.

The popularity of silvery tabby cats grew because of the charming advertisement of Whiskas brand. The advertisement showed the public how beautiful British silver cats are. Unfortunately, it also increased the pressure on the production of animals that only resemble silver tabby cats. This cats are often only hybrids of domestic cat with Persian and therfore do not match the high standards that the true British black silver cats have to meet.

Our whole life we were surrounded by ordinary domestic cat. We can not imagine life without them. Feline nature is amazing, their life interesting and coexistence with these noble and dear companion animals is rewarding for everyone. The first meeting with the British silvery tabby, was the "love at first sight". It is the same as when the last piece of the puzzle fits and then it finally makes sense. We will do everything possible, we focus on breeding these green eye "snow leopards" with all the responsibility and love what they deserve.

Our breeding station is focused on breeding British silvery black tabby cats with green eyes and black spotted British silvery cats with green eyes.

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